5 Easy Steps to Using DeWalt Router


Using a new DeWalt wood router can be pretty frustrating especially if you don’t know how to set it up. However, with the right help it will be a child’s play. To successfully set it up and operate it. You need to master an easy set by step procedure that will make it super easy for you.

Before you start the procedure, you need to assemble the tools required for the whole process. They include:

  1. a) DeWalt Router and a plunge base.
  2. b) Track stock Guide
  3. c) Track
  4. d) Clamps

Procedure for  using a wood router

The success of your project is hinged on how good you setup your router for work. Now that you have everything that you need, you ca follow the step by step procedure for the perfect cut. You will start by:

  1. Attach Clumps to the Bottom of the Router

Actually, the DeWalt clumps are specially made to fit into the bottom of the DeWalt rack for easy fitting. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is actually get the attachment attached to your router.

Fortunately, the plate bar is interchangeable and comes with a couple of different options so you use the one that fits your router the best. I believe other routers, not just DeWalt will work with some of these bases which makes them versatile. The different levers allow you to make a straight cut with this router. You also need to connect the base to the router and tighten the base up so that it stays in the router.

  1. Tighten the Knobs

You need to tighten them properly to fit on your track. Essentially, you need to put your disk space on the track. Beware that it’s going to rock a little bit from the left to right. Just tighten them until they have the right tightness so that you can still move the router easily.

Make sure it stays stationary without rocking back and forth and then take a screwdriver and tighten down this nut so it can’t move. Otherwise, if you don’t tighten down this total nut with the screw when you begin pulling it will loosen up.

You don’t want to have a wobbly the first time experience with your router or your track. You’re going to have to cut off the rubber Edge because your router run rubs against it. There’s one on each side of the track. And from what I understand since these tracks are built for track saws that plunge to make the cut where it needs to on the rubber.

However, since we’re using a router and it’s offset about 3 inches, all you need Is take your razor and just trim off the extra rubber on one side.

  1. Set up Saw

Set your track 3- 1/8 inch away from the line using a ruler. Set of 3-1/8 on both ends and double-check.

  1. Clump Your Cut Piece

Now take your special clamps and put them at the bottom of the track. Clampdown your piece now that you have set everything up. We’re almost ready to make our cut. So what you do is you just cover bottom of the actual track and then the DeWalt routers at least have a little Notch right here.

Before you make your cut just run the router back and forth and make sure that it doesn’t move from the line that you just drew. The only other thing that you’re going to want to set before you make your cut is your plunge. Since it’s a plunge router you can set it to whatever depth, lock it in and then make your cut.

  1. Make Your Cut

Now that everything is set, you can go ahead and make your cut with the dewalt router. It’s very easy since everything is already set up and ready to go.


I am a woodwork enthusiast who is in the Financial Industry. I come from a woodworking family and started handling woodwork tools from a young age. For me, it's not a hobby. its a way of life.

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