7 Best Chainsaw for Firewood and Buyers Guide 2021

 A chainsaw for firewood is an expensive addition to any home or workshop, depending on how you intend to use it. For many homeowners, chains saws are used for cutting logs to sizeable pieces for firewood. Loggers depend on chainsaws making it one of the most sorts after power saw. It’s therefore essential to make a wise decision before acquiring one. Our article goes into detail, reviewing some of the best models ideals for cutting firewood. Read on, will you?

1.Makita UC4051A Chainsaw for Firewood

Construction and Design- The Makita UC4051A saw measures 10 x 24.2 x 10.5 inches and weighs 14 pounds. It is relatively portable and can be carried to various places to cut different pieces of firewood.

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Ease of use- This saw has a rubberized grip that is ergonomically designed for comfort. It also has a large trigger switch with a soft start for smooth start-ups.

Power and Performance- The chain saw is engineered for fast cutting and efficient operation without the hassle of gas. It has a chain speed of 2900 FPM for efficient cutting and trimming. Its built-in current limiter protects the motor from burnout when the saw is overloaded. The saw comes with a chain brake for maximum productivity. Besides, it has an automatic chain oiler for heavy cutting.

Attachments- This saw comes with a 16-inch chain, 16-inch guide bar, and a chain cover.

Safety System- It has a current limiter that protects the motor from overheating. Its electric brake ensures the operator’s safety. The saw’s zero-emission makes it eco-friendly and green.

Cleaning and Maintenance- It has a tool-less blade feature and chain adjustments for convenient operation and easy maintenance.

Value for Money- It has a warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer.


  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • More durable
  • Excellent cutting ability.


  • Costly

2. WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw for Firewood

Construction and Design- The WORX WG303 saw measures 14.6 X 19.7 X8.1 inches and weighs 11 pounds for heavy-duty work, although its ideal for a variety of cutting projects, large or small.

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Ease of Use- This saw is ideal for beginners as it is lightweight and easy to hold. It has a rubber over-molded rear handle, and ergonomic design helps to eliminate fatigue when using it.

Power and Performance- The WORX 16” has a powerful 14.5 amp with a 3.5 HP engine that delivers 12meters per second enough to cut your toughest lumber. The rated voltage is 120v to 60 Hz; this saw offers a gas-free, hassle-free operation. The 16-inch blade is fully adjustable through the side-mounted tensioner and gives you the width that you need to handle large projects. It also has automatic oil lubrication and a built-in oil reservoir with a level indicator.

Attachments- This saw comes with blade protection, chain, and a chain bar.

Safety System- This unit is equipped with a built-in chain brake for added safety. It is specially engineered to protect you in case of a kickback. As such, the chain will stop for a few seconds whenever improper contact is made.

Cleaning and Maintenance- It features a patent tool-free chain repayment and an auto-tension system that helps prevent over-tightening. As such, it can remain at the right tension for many years. Besides, it has an easy-to-lubricate sprocket on the bar that helps preserve the life of this unit.

Value for Money- It comes with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of power
  • Ergonomically easy to use


  • A cord can make things more challenging

3. Greenworks 20362 Chainsaw for Firewood

Construction and Design- The Greenworks 20362 saw measures 24.8 X 8.07 X 12 inches only weighs 7.85 pounds, making it comfortable to use and easy to store.

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Ease of Use- The saw comes with many comfort highlights such as rear handle design for excellent control, especially during overhead use. The over-molded handle helps increase user comfort.

Power and Performance- This saw runs on powerful 24V lithium-Ion batteries. Therefore, it’s perfect for household cutting of branches and limbs, trimming, and even making small cuts that can’t be handled by more substantial alternatives. The powerful 24V motor delivers dependable cutting performance. It’s a sturdy 10-inch bar and chain that provide reliable cutting power. It also features a translucent oil tank for a clear view of the oil level.

Attachments- This saw comes with a 2Ah battery and an extra chain.

Safety System- It features an integral adjustment knob that allows you to tighten and loosen the chain with ease.

Cleaning and Maintenance- Its automatic oiler supplies oil to the arm and chain for durability and extended life of the string. Always monitor the oil levels and ensure that you charge the batteries for maximum productivity.

Value for Money- This saw comes with a 4-year warranty from the manufacturer. However, lithium-ion batteries are backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • Charges quick
  • Durable and versatile
  • Works quietly


  • Leaks when not correctly stored.

4. EGO Power+ Chainsaw for Firewood

 Construction And Design- Ego Power 14 saw measures 32.9 x 10.4 x 10.8 and weighs 11.4 pounds, which is light enough to be carried around the job site.

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Ease of Use- It’s EGO opted to balance this tool by placing the battery underneath the handle in a side-locking position. As a result, it offsets the weight of the brushless motor and gives you a better balance when rocking the saw forward and back to cut. The handle of this unit is also easy to grip. Instead of a pull-start, this saw has a lock-off button that you can press with your thumb and then squeeze the trigger switch to start using it.

Power and Performance- The EGO POWER+ Chain saw delivers power beyond belief. The 14-inch bar and chain combined with a high-efficiency brushless motor offer 6300 RPM for smooth cuts. The 2.0Ah and 2.5 Ah 56V Lithium-Ion battery make it more persuasive enough to cut through hardwood, softwood, and even branches with ease. It comes with a 0.043-inch gauche chain with a 3/8 inch low pro pitch. It can deliver the performance of gas without noises, fuss, and fumes.

Attachments- This saw comes with a 2.0AH battery and charger kit.

Safety System- It has a chain kickback brake for added safety and control. The chain tensioning knob (located on the inside front side of the chainsaw chassis) enables you to install the chain safely.

Cleaning and Maintenance- Its brushless motor and weather-resistant construction makes it durable and work well even under harsh conditions. For maintenance purposes, you should always adjust the tension of the chain so that it can function optimally. The auto chain oiling system eliminates manual maintenance. The oil inspection window enables you to keep a close eye on the remaining oil levels.

Value for Money- This saw comes with a 5-year warranty and a 3-year limited warranty on the battery packs and chargers.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomically designed


  • No battery gauge

5. Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Chainsaw for Firewood

Construction and design- The Husqvarna Rancher measures 29 x 12.8 x 10.5 inches and weighs 12.79 pounds, which is ideal for professionals and DIYs. It’s a robust all-round saw for jobs that need a more extended bar.

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Ease of Use- The ergonomic front handle offers a firm grip and reduces fatigue on the user. It’s Smart Start technology helps the saw to start with minimum effort. Besides, anti-vibe technology reduces vibrations that can cause fatigue.

Power and Performance- The saw comes with a potent gas-operated 3.62HP, 60.3cc engine for energy, and accuracy. Its 20-inch bar offers a cutting depth and excellent balance of power. The idling speed of this saw is 2700 RPM but can reach the maximum speed of 9000 RPM. The Rancher is outfitted with Husqvarna’s X-Torque engine, which is designed for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The saw has ample power to cut different pieces of firewood. It usually uses a forged three-piece crankshaft. The chain pitch of this saw is 3/8 inches and has a fuel capacity of 14.88 fl oz.

Attachments- This saw comes with a chainsaw bar cover and a 2.6 pounds 2 cycle fuel.

Safety System- The inertia-activated chain brake ensures that the kickback risk is minimized when using this saw.

Cleaning and Maintenance- The simple, side-mounted chain tensioning system allows for quick chain adjustments when you are working. It also features an automatic chain oiler that delivers a steady supply of chain oil for effective use. In addition, the quick-release air filter facilitates easy cleaning and replacement of the air filter.

Value for Money- This saw has a warranty of 2 years


  • Very powerful
  • Ergonomic design
  • Very versatile


  • It is heavy

6. Sun Joe iON100V-18CS-CT Chainsaw for Firewood

Construction and design- The Sun Joe iON100V saw measures 34 x8 x 10 inches and weighs 14.99 pounds. It’s robust and ideal for cutting tree trunks, limbs, and branches that are up to 17.5-inches wide.

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Ease of Use – The saw has a soft-grip handle that makes the user comfortable when using it. The light 18-inch bar and chain make the saw light and easy to use.

Power and Performance- This brushless 100V DC 2.5 AH or 5AH electric motor produces an astonishing 1500 watts of power. This power, combined with genuinely usable bucking teeth, makes this saw one of the few cordless saws that can easily cut through large-diameter trees (17.5 inches). The battery offers you 70 minutes of work time if you run it continuously at full power.

Attachments- It comes as a standalone with batteries and chargers being sold separately.

Safety System- It has a protective handbrake for superior kickback control and a built-in safety switch to prevent accidental starts. It also has a sheath for safe bar and chain storage when the work is done. The non-slip front handgrip makes it more stable.

Cleaning and Maintenance- This saw has an auto-oiler that keeps the bar and the chain fully lubricated for continuous cutting. Besides, the tool-less tensioner keeps the chain tight with a single twist.

Value for Money- This saw comes with a complete 2-year warranty


  • Very powerful
  • Ergonomic design
  • Affordable


  • Shorter warranty period.


7. DEWALT DCCS690X1 Chainsaw for Firewood

Construction and design- The DEWALT DCCS690X1 saw measures 10.8 x 9.4 x 36 inches and weighs 19.34 pounds for easy transportation and secure storage.

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Ease of use- It’s a dependable light-duty and lightweight with the convenience and portability of gas without the drawbacks.

Power and performance- The DEWALT 40v max Brushless Chainsaw usually delivers the production of gas with the convenience of a battery. At full potential, the engine can run off 300 watts and hit 7.5hp. It’s a powerful brushless motor, and a 16-inch bar helps the saw glide through a variety of cutting diameters with speed, courtesy of gas, and battery power. The high-efficiency brushless motor maximizes it’s run time and motor life. The saws variable trigger gives you control over the Chain speed to your preference.

Attachments- This saw comes with a 40V MAX 7.5 AH Lithium-Ion battery, standard charger, and a bar sheath.

Safety system- The saw has a tensioning system that allows for quick bar and chain adjustments. Also, this saw has a chain brake for kick back protection. The low-noise design helps to protect your hearing.

Cleaning and maintenance- This unit features auto-oiling with Lubri Link and Lubri Well for delivering smooth cuts, long chain life, and reduced maintenance.

Value for money- DEWALT’s 3-year limited warranty backs this saw.


  • Has an automatic chain brake
  • Self-lubricating technology.
  • The great 3-year limited warranty


  • No air-filtration system

Buying Guide for a chainsaw for firewood

Do you want to buy a chain saw? You should consider several factors. A chainsaw can be an indispensable labor-savor when handled with proper safety know-how. It can be beneficial in clearing bushes that are too thick for electric loppers. You can cut trees that are a threat to your roof and even slice off dangerous broken tree limbs. Most people usually use it to dice stumps into firewood. Since they come in a variety of sizes, their prices may differ. The following are factors you should consider before purchasing a chainsaw:

  1. Chainsaw size and weight

As a general rule of thumb, the more powerful and more prolonged the chain bar is, the heavier and bulkier the saw will be. When considering the size of the logs you want to cut, you should aim to have a guide bar of about 1-2 inches more extensive than that. For works requiring finesse such as wood carving, you should get a lightweight model. Try one with an ergonomic design to make your job easier. For heavy-duty action, you can consider getting a more substantial model, but remember to take breaks to reduce fatigue.

  1. Chainsaw power options

A chainsaw can either be gas-powered or electric-powered. Gas chainsaws usually combine power and mobility. In most cases, they range from light-duty models to professional-grade saws. The electric chainsaws are generally ideal for small jobs such as trimming, pruning, and light cutting as they require less power. They are quieter than gasoline-powered saws. Also, they are easier to start and require less maintenance.

  1. Is it corded or cordless?

Cordless saws usually offer better mobility. Recent improvements in voltage and batteries have improved their performance. However, the battery still adds weight and limits operating time. Therefore, you need to recharge the battery or swap it with a fresh one. A corded saw, on the other hand, is lighter and does need to be recharged or refueled. You just need to have a suitable extension cord that reaches the work area well.

  1. Engine power

How powerful your chain saw is will directly affect the cutting power of the chainsaw. The engine power determines the speed of the chain and the resistance it can handle. You should always match the power of the engine to the task you plan to execute. For bigger jobs, you need more energy and vice versa.

  1. Tension system

Regardless of the model of the chainsaw, the chain will not maintain tension on the guide bar forever. Therefore, the chainsaw needs a tool-less chain tensioning to adjust the pressure of the string. Tool tensioning offers convenience and saves you time when adjusting your chain’s tension.

  1. Presence of safety features

One of the safety features of most chainsaws is the chain brake. It stops the saw’s chain from moving instantly to prevent damage to the saw and injuries to the operator. The metal or plastic guard helps intercept a derailed or broken chain by killing the chain rotation.

  1. Chainsaw brand.

The brand of the saw will depend on how much you want to pay for the chainsaw’s quality. The higher the quality, the higher the amount of money you will have to pay. Some of the leading brands include Stihl and Husqvarna.

  1. Budget

Although many chain saws are expensive, you don’t have to go for the expensive ones. You need to evaluate what purpose the saw will serve and come up with a compromise when it comes to budget.

If you have been having a rough time cutting your firewood, now you know the best chainsaw for firewood in the market that will solve that. I also hope our buyer’s guide was helpful.


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