7 Best Compound Miter Saw For Homeowner 2021

A compound miter saw for a homeowner is important if you like making bevel cuts. It is ideal for window casings, picture frame cuts, and other forms of cuts that are impossible to make with a regular saw. In this list, we compare the 7 Best Miter Saws in the market.

How to use a  miter saw

Use the below youtube video to learn how to use a compound miter saw

Below is a review of the seven best miter saws

1. DEWALT DWS780 Compound Miter Saw For Homeowner

The Dewalt brand is the topic pick for carpenters for a good reason. The precision of the cut provided by this DWS780 series makes this option the best sliding miter saw. 

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Construction and Design- Weighing only 56 lbs, this tool measures 21.5″ by 17.7″ by 17.1″. It also features a 12″ carbide blade. This Dewalt miter saw’s stainless steel detent plate can withstand the rigors experienced in job sites. This unit also features precision designed castings, bevel system, and rugged guards. 

Ease of Use- The DWS780 series features an integrated XPS cross cut positioning system. This mechanism allows for an accurate and adjustment-free cut line indication. What’s more? This unit’s stainless steel miter detent plate features a cam lock for consistent accuracy and easy adjustment. The compact and lightweight design of this unit improve maneuverability and storage. 

Power and Performance- A 15Amp electric motor engine powers the Dewalt DWS780, which delivers a whopping 3800rpm of power. The power cord is conveniently positioned at the back rail. This unit offers a great combination of cut capacities 6.75″ (vertical) by 7.5″ (nested crown) by 13.9″ (horizontal). At 90 degrees, this unit will achieve exclusive back fence design cuts of 2 by 16. 

Attachments- Blade wrench, Dust bag, 12″ carbide blade, 12″ miter saw, vertical material clamp

Safety System- Cam lock miter handling with detent override


  • Dust collector collects 75% of generated sawdust
  • Highly portable
  • Profoundly powerful and durable.
  • It features the revolutionary cross-cutting ability


  • The slide function tends to stick

2. Hitachi C10FCG Compound Miter Saw For Homeowner

This model is the lightest miter saw in its class weighing at only 24.2 lbs. Its lightweight frame and ease of use make it the ideal choice for carpenters and framers alike. It is specially designed for users seeking versatility and reliability on the job.

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Construction and Design- The product dimensions for this Hitachi miter saw are 21.5″ by 18.1″ by 22.9″. This model is super light weighing in at just 24.2 lbs. Despite the low price tag, this miter saw is made of high-quality body build, which attests to its quality and reliability.

Ease of Use- A great bonus for purchasing this unit is its small and lightweight design, coupled with its ease of operation. A large working table facilitates improved material support while the vice clamping system holds the wood in place. For prolonged use, this equipment features a comfortable ergonomic grip, which guarantees user comfort.

Power and Performance- This miter saw’s 15 Amp (120v) electric motor generates a no-load speed of 5000rpm for accurate miter cuts. For clean and precise bevel cuts, this unit offers a range of 0-45 degrees. It also provides a miter angle range of 0 to 52 degrees, which provides increased flexibility. 

Attachments- Dust bag, 10″ Sawblade, vice assembly, 5mm bar wrench, safety system

This saw features a conveniently positioned thumb stop function for speedy miter adjustment


  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Guarantees quality and durability
  • Highly accurate


  • The user instruction manual is not clear for first-time users

 3. Black & Decker M1850BD Compound Miter Saw For Homeowner

Like other Black and Decker equipment, this unit was designed with the average user in mind. Specially designed for light and medium tasks, this unit offers a smooth and precise cut with minimal effort. If you recently started the woodworking journey, this is the ultimate tool to upgrade to in the future. 

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Construction and Design- This item measures 15.25″ by 15.75″ by 17.5″ in dimension and weighs 16.99lbs. It comes in black, and its 7.25″ allows you to make angled cuts (60 degrees). 

Ease of Use- The lightweight and highly portable nature of this unit make it easy to use for any DIYer woodworker. This compound miter saw’s mobile feature allows you to tackle all your framing and crafting tasks with relative ease. Its centered blade location gives it all the torque you need for tough sawing jobs.

Power and Performance- A 9 Amp ball-bearing motor (corded power source) powers this unit, which offers dimensional cuts of 2″ by 4″ (at 90 degrees) and 2″ by 3″ (at 45 degrees). A power-packed lithium-ion battery provides a capacity of 1.1Ah. The highly versatile nature of this unit is evidenced by its nine positive stops, which give it a range of 0-45 degrees. 

Safety System- A thumb-activated lock switch on the handle needs to be enabled during usage To prevent the user from starting the unit accidentally. 

Attachments- In addition to the user operating manual, you also get a free dust bag, a hold-down clamp and blade wrench with this unit.


  • Makes high precision cuts
  • Lightweight design
  • Features a comprehensive and easy to use a user manual
  • Reasonably priced option


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks

4. Milwaukee 6955-20 Compound Miter Saw For Homeowner

With this unit, you get a dual bevel blade for all those clean cuts on either side of the wood. Its body build is made of steel, which attests to the durable nature of this dual bevel miter saw. This unit features many additional features in addition to the dual bevel blade system that is guaranteed to offer you a quick and speedy performance.

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Construction and Design- This unit’s product dimensions are 30.9″ by 22.8″ by 21.9,” and it weighs in at 78lbs. This unit’s carbide blade offers you a cutting width of 12″. It also features two horizontal steel rails for the smoothest sliding action.

Ease of Use – One unique aspect of this Milwaukee miter saw is its dual integral job site lighting, which illuminates the working area on either side of the cutting blade hence saving you the hassle of acquiring an independent light source.

Power and Performance- The Milwaukee 6955-20 series is powered by 15amp 3.3hp electric motor with provides high-performance cuts for heavy-duty tasks. For constant cutting speed, Milwaukee’s Constant Power Technology with Soft Start serves to decrease unwarranted start up head movement. This unit offers you a no-load speed of 3200rpm on 120 volts.

Attachments- This miter saw features several accessories: blade wrench, sawdust bag, carbide-tipped blade, and a 12-inch dual bevel sliding miter saw.


  • It features one of the most powerful motors in the market.
  • This unit is capable of up to 60-degree angles making it the ideal choice for wood makers looking for drastic bevels
  • Its 12″ diameter carbide blade is suitable for wide cuts


  • It is relatively heavy

5. Dewalt DW715 Compound Miter Saw For Homeowner

This single-bevel 12″ compound miter saw provides the best value for money in our featured list by providing extended durability and power output. 

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Construction and Design – This unit’s miter detent plate is made of stainless steel for increased durability. Also, this compound miter saw features tall sliding fences capable of supporting 6.5″ by 5.25″ of vertical base molding. 

Ease of Use- For improved cutting accuracy, this unit features a precise miter system and machined base fence support. In addition to its lightweight design, this saw’s built-in carry handle design improves portability. What’s more? A cam miter lock system that features easy adjustments offers repeatable accuracy.

Power and Performance- This unit offers a power output of 15amp and 4000rpm, which is enough power to complete those woodwork tasks in a flash for any DIYer. Besides, you are guaranteed three steel bevel stops at 0, 34, and 45 degrees with this unit. For improved productivity during usage, this unit also features 11 positive stops. This series offers you a three-year limited warranty and one-year free service.

Cutting Depth- This unit will allow you to cut through a crown molding 5.25″ thick and a nest molding of 6.5″. 

Attachments- These attachments accompany the DW715 compound miter saw on purchase: a dust bag, blade wrench, and carbide blade.


  • Highly durable
  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Accurate


  • It is relatively heavy for a single bevel compound miter saw

6. Makita LS1016 Compound Miter Saw For Homeowner

LS1016 offers the best accuracy in its class, which is made possible by the use of 4 short poles, which reduces vibration and provides more precise cuts. For improved vertical cutting ability, this unit’s guard system and direct drive gearbox system is just what you need. As compared to a belt drive motor, this unit’s direct drive system delivers more power. 

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Construction and Design- This saw measures 71.8cm by 64cm by 67.1cm in length, width, and height, respectively. At 11.7lbs, this unit is lightweight and highly portable. The blade diameter spans 26cm, which is ideal for broad cuts. For that smooth and precise sliding action, this unit is supported by six linear ball bearings that support the four pillar poles. This unit has an arbor diameter of 30mm and a maximum miter angle of 52 degrees left and 60 degrees right.

Ease of Use- This unit’s Red Laser 650nm, 1.6Mw laser guide allows you to achieve precision in cuts while its lightweight design eases maneuverability during usage.

Power and Performance- One of the best-selling features of this unit is its cut precision, which is made possible by the use of Red Laser 650nm, 1.6Mw and the DXT (Deep Cut Technology). A double sliding guide fence allows more effortless slide movement for the lower and upper sections. The power output of this unit is 110v/240v providing a no-load speed of 3200rpm. 

Attachments- Dust bag, socket wrench, vertical vice, carbide-tipped saw blade, triangular ruler

Cutting depth- The DXT (Deep Cut Technology) provides you with a deep and precise cutting ability


  • High precision cuts
  • Includes a fast and accurate miter lock
  • It has clear calibration
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • Hard to operate for first-time users

7.Dewalt DHS790AT2 Compound Miter Saw For Homeowner

This Dewalt series has disrupted the cordless miter saw systems by introducing a battery platform capable of switching between 20V and 60V based on the job requirements. With a 12″ diameter wide blade, this full-size miter saw offers you exceptional performance on the go. What makes this saw special is its versatility, given its outstanding performance in corded and cordless options.

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Construction and Design- This unit measures 24″ by 20″ by 32″ and weighs 56lbs on unpackaging. Despite its compact and lightweight design, this unit’s body is built of heavy plastic material. Its 12″ diameter wide blade is ideal for making wide-angled cuts.

Ease of Use- With this series, Dewalt has managed to blur the line between corded and cordless miter saws by providing a tool with the same powerful features as other corded options coupled with unlimited portability.

Power and Performance- Powered by a 120V motor, this unit can be powered by a corded 120v power adapter or two 60v/20v batteries (included). This unit’s 15 amp provides a staggering 3800rpm for its 12″ cutting blade. Despite the varying levels of performance between the corded and cordless options, this unit offers flexibility and value for money even for heavy-duty tasks.

Attachments- Included in this unit’s package is a dust bag, blade wrench, 2 FlexVolt batteries, DHS790 miter saw (12″), fast charger (dual port).


  • Dual power source flexibility
  • Cutting precision
  • Light and compact design


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks



Based on the above review, the ultimate pick is the DEWALT DWS780 12-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, which stands out due to the high precision of angled cuts achieved by users. For a 15amp motor power output, this unit performs excellently at 3800rpm of power. Its revolutionary cross-cutting ability is one of the best-selling features of this unit. Read on to learn more about miter saws.



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