7 Best Corded Circular Saw for The Money 2021

The corded circular saw for the money is a crucial tool for professional woodworkers and DYI enthusiasts worth their name. They not only make it easy for you to make angled and beveled cuts. Since you can substitute them for table saws and miter saws, their versatility can no longer be ignored. A perfect circular saw comes with a sturdy blade for a precise and accurate cut. Motor power is also crucial for maximum strength and performance. The other day my father needed the best circular saw for his workshop. We scoured the internet and came up with the list below. I hope you will find it useful. Read on to learn more about different circular saws.

1. Dewalt DCS391B Corded Circular Saw for The Money

The DeWalt is the next in line of the famous saw manufacturer. Below are some of the features that make it an excellent buy.

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Construction and Design – The saw measures 8.5″ x 15.5″ x 10.5″ making it easy to carry and store. It weighs 7lb making it light, which lessens the strain on the wrist when using it.

Ease of Use- It is easy to assemble and disassemble as all you should do is fix the lithium-ion battery and press the start button to use.

Power and Performance – DEWALT DCS391B 20-Volt 6.5″ Circular Saw has powerful 460MWO, 5250RPM motor that delivers power and speed, making it easy for most demanding cuts. Also, the easily adjustable beveling ability helps you cut different materials from different angles.

Attachments- It’s a bare tool, battery and charger not included

Safety System – Safety is an essential part of any woodworking equipment; thus, DEWALT DC391B has a metric brake that stops the circular saw blade lessening the risk of injury and damage to the user and the workpiece.

Cleaning and Maintenance- During the cleaning process, you should be mindful of the sharp blade. Regular cleaning reduces the chances of the saw breakdown. However, should you need to replace worn parts, spare parts are readily available online.

Value for Money- The saw costs less than $100 and comes with three years limited warranty showing the manufacturer’s faith in the circular saw.


  • Easy to use
  • 3-year warranty


  • Expensive battery and charger
  • Lack of rip fence.

2. Dewalt DCS570P1 Corded Circular Saw for The Money

The saw is a lightweight cordless circular saw with great features. Read on to find some of the reasons why individuals prefer this product. They include:

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Construction and Design- The saw measures 11x8x10 inches and weighs 8 pounds for compact storage and portability. It also comes with a sturdy structure that will take any abuse any day all day.

Ease to Use – It is effortless to assemble the saw for use. Further, it’s very convenient to use since its lightweight. You only need to power it with one lithium battery and press the start button to use it.

Power and Maintenance- The saw’s powerful motor delivers 5200 Rpms at a consistent speed. It’s 7.25” blade is sufficient enough to cut through any piece of wood. With an adjustable cutting depth of 2-9/16 inches, you will cut anything up to 57 degrees. The cutting depth of 45°at 1-5/8 inches and 90° at 2-9/16 inches allows you to cut materials at different angles easily. It also has two bevel stops, a rear pivot for making perfect belled cuts. The electric brake is powered by 900 watts motor for maximum power and safety.

Attachments- The cordless saw comes with a blade, one-lithium-ion battery, and a charger

Safety System- The most crucial part of any woodworking station is safety. The DEWALT DCS570P1 is equipped with an emergency saw-stop to lessen the chances of an injury.

Cleaning and Maintenance- You should be very careful while changing because the blade is very sharp. It has only one blade changing wrench; therefore, you should be cautious when handling it to avoid breakage.

Value for Money- The saw costs around $134 with a limited warranty of 3 years.


  • It is straightforward to use
  • 3-years warranty
  • Fast charger


  • It is expensive

3. DEWALT DCS571B Corded Circular Saw for The Money

Cordless Circular Saw (Tool Only) is a perfect tool for wood cutting with the following features.

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Construction and Design- The saw measures 17.88×5.13×6.69 inches and weighs 6.61 pounds for secure storage and transportation. Its external materials are sturdy and durable, making the saw long-lasting.

Ease of use- It does not require much time to assemble. It has a hanging hook for convenience when using it. Its removable auxiliary handle increases control and comfortable usage.

Power and Performance- The saws unique design ensures you can cut wood 2 times faster at 90 degrees compared to the normal cutting speed at 45 degrees. The large handle is sufficient for you to work on large materials like the plywood. In addition, the large battery capacity powers the saw for a long time.

Attachments- You will unbox the saw to get  a single blade, a rip

Safety System- The saw has a hanging hook for better storage, ensuring the safety of the user even when the saw is not in use.

Cleaning and Maintenance- Cleaning this circular saw is very easy. For starters, it has a dust port that ensures a clean working environment. Maintenance routines are also clearly outlined in the included instruction manual.

Value for money- The saw costs between $100-150 and comes with a one-year warranty. The price presents excellent value for money to buyers.


  • Hanging hook
  • Powerful motor
  • Powerful blade


  • No batteries included

4. Ryobi One P505 Corded Circular Saw for The Money

The cordless Ryobi p505 is an excellent saw for household woodcutting needs. It’s sturdy and can handle different tasks with ease.

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Construction and Design- The saw measures 10.8x9x 8.9 inches and weighs 4.95 pounds for secure storage and portability. Its hardy exterior ensures that it can handle any work thrown to it.

Ease of Use-There is no much assembly needed to start using this tool. You only need batteries to start working immediately.

Power and Performance- The cordless power circular saw will tackle all projects thanks to its 18 volts motor that comes with 4700 revolutions per minute. With such power, the saw will comfortably cut or rip any wood. Its extra handle improves control over the saw for comfort and convenience when using it.

Attachments- The saw comes as a bare tool, meaning you have to purchase batteries and other accessories.

Safety system- It is effortless to use since it has a height adjustment mechanism. All you require is a Ryobi battery to power the saw. Also, you should be careful with sharp blades to avoid injuring yourself even when the saw is not in use

Cleaning and Maintenance- It is easy to change the edge since it is adjustable. Another added advantage is that batteries go for long hours without running out of charge.

Value for Money-  The saw cost between$50 to $60 with a one-year warranty, which is an excellent value for money.


  •  It is Lasting, affordable batteries
  • Can work in any environment
  • New handle to increase control.


  • Lack of rip fence

5. SKIL CR540602 Corded Circular Saw for The Money

The circular saw is a powerful and easy machine to use, especially in woodworking. Below are some of the features that make the saw terrific. They include:

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Construction and Design- The circular saw measures 11.73×7.28×10 inches and weigh 7.6 pounds. Its structural design increases its functionality, making it one of the great circular saws among woodworkers and DIYs.

Ease of Use- The circular saw has a long run and long-lasting batteries. The tool is quick and adjustable with grip handle. Overall, the device is confident with clean cutting.

Power and Performance- Powerful motor with speed settings up to 4,500 RPM. Depth adjustment capacity of 2-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and an Ergonomic design with an easy-grip handle. Respectively, the circular saw operates on 20volts with long-running batteries.

Attachments – The circular saw included components are long-lasting battery, charger, and safety lock to increase the safety level, especially when using the saw.

Safety System – The most crucial thing in any woodwork is safety; therefore, this sawing machine has an excellent safety lock to provide extra protection. It also comes with an illuminated led light that allows one to see the cut line clear and a grip handle that increases control.

Value of Money- The saw cost less than $200 with five years warranty showing the faith the manufacturer has on the saw.


  • Long run batteries and long-lasting
  • Fast, clean cut
  • Quick and adjustable
  • Enhance the safety lock of the level to provide extra safety


  • No rip fences

 6. Makita SP6000J Corded Circular Saw for The Money

The saw is a perfect masterpiece for DIYs and professionals thanks to its excellent features that give it power and performance.

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Construction and Design- The saw measures 16x12x13 inches and weighs 9.7 pounds with a simple spindle lock feature that makes it easy for changing blades. The saw is compact enough for storage and transportation.

Ease to Use – The saw does not require much to assemble, giving you an easy time even for a beginner.

Power and Performance- The 12amp motor circular saw comes with an inbuilt current limiter to prevent the motor from burning out. Its soft start mechanism ensures smooth start-ups for the saw, ensuring your comfort as a user. You will easily make angled and beveled cuts with this saw. It also has a large surface area for working allows you to handle large materials. The saw comes with a 110vlts motor for maximum cross-cutting power. Its electronic speed control provides smooth cutting by maintaining maximum speed under load.

Attachments – The circular saw does not come with rail guides and other accessories, meaning you will have to purchase them for accuracy and precision.

Safety System- Safety is essential in every woodwork equipment. The saw has electronic speed control that delivers smooth cutting by maintaining maximum speed under load.

Cleaning and Maintenance- You should be cautious of sharp blades, whether working with it or storing it as they are sharp and can cause injuries. Handle the blades with care to avoid breakage as it is costly to replace them.

Value for Money- The tool costs less than $350 and comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase, giving you excellent value for money.


  • The powerful motor.
  • Electronic speed control


  • It is costly
  • No rail guides

 7. Bosch CS5  Corded Circular Saw for The Money

If you need a circular saw with the fastest blade speed ideal for the construction professionals, then look no further. Bosch is a powerful saw with high-speed blade rotation, which gives it an edge over its competition. It has a left-hand blade sign that takes lesser time to adjust.

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Construction and Design- The circular saw measures 17.1×11.9×10.3 inches and weighs 10.2 pounds making it effortless to store and transport.

Ease to Use- The saw is easy to assemble, making it convenient for use. Further, its start-stop mechanism is not complicated, which makes it ideal for professionals and DIYs.

Power and Performance- The saw’s stock powerful 15-amp motor ensures smooth and accurate cuts. This model of saw has an adjustable bevel and depth levers for a variety of angled cuts. Also, it offers an unmatched line of sight for accurate cuts thanks to its bevel capacity of up to 56 degrees allows cutting in different angels. This circular saw’s large cutting depth ensures you can comfortably make bevel and angle cuts.

Attachments- The saw requires corded electric power. It comes with a blade, a wrench, and a carrier bag.

Safety System- You should be careful when handling this machine because it sprays the sawdust on the user, which may blind you when cutting lumber.

Cleaning and Maintenance- Cleaning the saw is pretty straightforward; all you need is a piece of wet clothing to clear the sawdust. In case of breakage of spare parts are easy availability online.

Value for Money- The saw costs less than $120 with a one-year warranty. For that amount, the saw is among the contenders for money value considering its cutting power.


  • Has spindle lock
  • Has anti-snag lower guar
  • Extremely high-speed cutting with 6500


  • Mid-range pricey
  • Not equip well to resolve the dust problem


A Circular saw it is a crucial inclusion for homeowners who like DIY projects. Professionals also need a circular saw thanks to its versatility, power, and accuracy. However, when purchasing the saw, there are are some features that you seriously need to consider. Apart from price, you need to look at its accuracy, efficiency, and performance. You should also look at essential things like the warranty, batteries, and level of performance in a different environment. Besides, it is necessary to consider the availability of spare parts in case of breakage or to wear some essential saw parts.















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