7 Best reciprocating saw for pruning trees In 2021

Buying a reciprocating saw for pruning trees is never easy considering the amount of money in question. However, with proper information, this should never be the case. Manufacturers are working tirelessly to come up with products that will make your work easy and fast thanks to the saw’s power and improved functionalities. We have researched and assembled information that we think is important for you. Read on to know what we have prepared for you.

1.Milwaukee 2720-21 Reciprocating Saw for Pruning Trees

Construction and Design- The Milwaukee 2721  saw measures 15X20X 21 inches and weighs 11.42 pounds for portability when moving around with it.

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Ease of Use- The saw is cordless, unlike its counterparts, making it easy for you to use even in areas with no electricity. Also, It has a keyless adjustable shoe and clamp makes it ideal for beginners.

Power and Performance- It needs 18v to operate although it comes with an M18 Lithium-ION battery. It’s also armed with 1-1/8 that can go up to 3000 strokes per minute.

The saws powerful motor is consistent in supplying power which prevents overheating making the saw durable. The redlink plus intelligence mechanism provides connectivity between the battery, the saw and its charger.

Attachments- The saw often comes with a blade, a charger and REDLITHIUM XC5.0 batteries pack making it a must-have accessory at home.

Cleaning and Maintenance- Maintaining the saw is very easy. You just need to use a blade cleaner to clean the blade to bring its power back.

Value for Money- The saw comes with a 5-year limited warranty, and you can trust that it to serve you for a long time.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is also very portable
  • It is powerful


  • Sometimes, it can overheat

2. Dewalt  DWE305 Reciprocating Saw for Pruning Trees

Construction and Design- Dewalt DWE 305 measures 19.2 x9.4×4 inches and weighs 8 pounds for easy storage and transportation. It is rugged, robust, and powerful, therefore making it ideal for homeowners for home or DIY use.

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Ease of Use- It’s effortless to use the saw as all you need is connect it to a power source and press the trigger to operate the saw. You can vary the saw speed using its variable trigger instantly.

Power and Performance- The saw is powerful enough to deliver 2900 SPM. It’s stroke length of 1-1/8, is ideal for efficiency and power for flush cutting. With a keyless lever-action and 4 –position blade clamp, you will quickly change its blade.

Attachments- This saw comes with a manual that can guide you on how to use it. The batteries are not included in this package.

Safety System- Don’t forget to wear gloves for comfort when using this tool. Besides, the keyless lever-action blade clamp enables you to change blades without touching them, especially when they are hot.

Value for Money- It has a 3-years warranty showing the faith the manufacturer has over the quality of the saw.


  • It is tough
  • Versatile
  • It is durable


  • It Lacks a carrying case.

3. Black & Decker BDCR20C Reciprocating Saw for Pruning Trees

Construction and Design- The Black and Decker BDCR20C  saw measures 15x3x7 inches and weighs only 4.5 pounds. Consequently, its ideal for artisans, contractors, and DIYers. Its sturdy but light and will take any materials thrown to it.

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Ease of use- The saw is the preferred choice to many thanks to its lightweight and secure handling. It comes with a dampening technology that helps to reduce vibrations during the cutting process. As a result, you will use less energy and enjoy more comfort when using it.

Power and Performance- The all-weather saw is stocked with 20V lithium-ion battery for increased run time (30% more work output) and energy. It offers 0-3000 SPMs and at the length of 7/8 inches. As a result, the saw provides more precise and controls ideal for delicate works in areas without electricity connection.

Attachments- This saw is blessed with a reciprocating blade, 20V Max Lithium Battery, and a charger.

Safety system- This saw is safe to use at home or in any construction site. The handles are quite far away from the blade consequently offering you safety and comfort. Varying the blade speeds ensures your safety and that of the saw blade.

Value for money- This saw comes with a two limited year warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact 
  • Adjustable blade speeds
  • Durable batteries 


  • Excess vibrations

4. Makita XRJ06Z 1 Reciprocating Saw for Pruning Trees

Construction and Design- The Makita XRJ06Z  measures 13.6 x22.4×6.5 inches and weighs 19.85 pounds for secure transportation and storage.

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Ease of Use- The cordless saw is easy to carry to a Jobsite thanks to its lightweight. It’s easy to start and stop mechanism makes it easy for you to operate effortlessly.

Power and Performance- The Brushless motor is powered by two 18V Lithium batteries that can deliver 0-3000 SPM. The powerful saw offers a crank mechanism ideal to reduce blade deflection for safety while minimizing vibrations for comfort. With a brushless motor, the saw becomes more efficient and cooler in operations. The LED light makes working with a saw in the darkness a breeze.

Attachments- This saw comes with a reciprocating saw blade and tool bag only meaning you buy the batteries and the charger.

Safety System- This unit features a retractable hook for safety whenever you are not using it, whether at home or the construction site.

Value for Money – The saw comes with a 3-year warranty which presents an excellent value for your money.


  • accurate
  • Portable
  • Durable



5. Dewalt DWE304 Reciprocating Saw for Pruning Trees

Construction and Design- The Dewalt DWE304 measures 19.2 x9.4×4 inches and weighs 7 pounds for effortless storage and transportation thanks to its lightweight construction.

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Ease of Use- The saw is portable and easy to use as you only need to connect it to a power supply and you are ready to go. It is ideal for carpenters, do it yourself enthusiasts, plumbers, painters, and even builders.

Power and Performance -The great product is ideal for heavy-duty applications. Its 10-amp motor with a variable speed of up to 2800 SPM makes this a reality. The 1-1/8-inch stroke usually delivers faster cuts without spluttering and stop-starting, making it ideal for home improvement projects, tough nails, or pruning. This saw has a 4-blade clamp to enhance efficiency when it comes to flush cutting. Its keyless lever mechanism facilitates easy changing of the blade. The blade speed controls make it easier and comfortable for you to vary cutting speeds.

Attachments- This tool comes with a bag, DWE304 Reciprocating Saw, and a user manual. It is worth noting that the blades are not included in the purchase, meaning you need to buy them separately.

Safety System- The saw is safe to use as it permits the blade teeth to face all directions giving you cutting control even in tight areas.

Cleaning and Maintenance- It’s always advisable to clean the saw and store it when it’s not in use for extra longevity.

Value for Money- The saw comes with a 3-year limited warranty ensuring your peace of mind when using it.


  • Sturdy
  • lightweight
  • Adjustable cutting speed
  • user-friendly


  • The four-way change system does not often work
  • Inconvenient locking system

6. Dewalt DCS367B Reciprocating Saw for Pruning Trees

Construction And Design- DEWALT DCS367B 20V Max Reciprocating saw measures 14.5X6X7 inches and weighs 5 pounds making it a breeze to use it.

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Ease of Use- The portability of the saw makes it a gem as you can access tight spaces with the saw. It’s straightforward to start and stop thanks to its trigger handle. Therefore, you run very low risk of injuring yourself working with the saw.

Power and Performance- This saw can fit in tight spaces and changing its blade is effortless ensuring cutting versatility. The powerful motor comes with a 1-1/8 inch stroke that can deliver 0-2900 SPM, making it fast and effective. You can also vary its cutting speed thanks to its easy to use variable speed trigger.

Attachments- The reciprocating saw comes with a compatible Dewalt 20-Volt MAX lithium-ion batteries, but the chargers are sold separately. All the same, this should not be the reason for you not to buy it.

Safety System – It’s advisable to use proper eye and respiratory protection when using this saw. The anti-slip comfort grip ensures it remains in your hands during the cutting process for secure handling.

Cleaning And Maintenance – Maintaining it is pretty easy as you only need to clean the blades from time to time and change them should they get worn or need repairs. In such an instance, you should consider removing the battery pack first.

Value for Money – You will enjoy three years of limited warranty which is a steal for such a workhorse.


  • Compact
  • Has a keyless 4-position blade clamp
  • Ergonomic handle


  • No batteries and a charger

7. Dewalt DCS387B Reciprocating Saw for Pruning Trees

Construction and Design- DEWALT DCS387B is ideal for use in tight spaces, such as between studs. It measures 14.8X3.5 x7.5 inches and weighs 5.4 pounds, making it comfortable for use. If you have a small work area, this is your go-to saw.

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Ease of Use – It’s cordless and usually relies on a lithium battery to function, making it convenient for confined spaces. The lightweight offers comfort while working from a ladder or a scaffolding. The saw’s ergonomic soft-grip fits your hand like a glove for comfort and easy manoeuvrability.

Power and Performance- The saw is sturdy and robust thanks to its 20V motor that can deliver 0-2900 strokes per minute. Its 1-1/8 inches stroke distance offers efficiency and precision. The speed controls allow you to reduce or increase cutting speeds while its blade change mechanism makes it easy for you to change its blade. It’s pivoting shoe helps to improve versatility when the saw is in operation.

Attachments – The saw stocks 20-Volt lithium-ion batteries and chargers.

Safety System – The tool-less blade feature makes this unit more secure when one is changing the blades.

Cleaning and Maintenance – Maintaining your saw gives it longevity. In this case, you just need to change this blade once in a while or clean it using a proper blade cleaner to rejuvenate its power.

Value for Money – This saw comes with a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer a testament that the manufacturer trusts this saw.


  • durable
  • Precision cuts
  • Variable-speed triggers


  • Excess vibration and noise

Buying Guide for Reciprocating Saw for Pruning Trees

If you are planning to buy a reciprocating saw for pruning trees, there are several things you need to consider depending on the project you are working on. For starters, Its versatility makes it ideal for cutting wood, Masonite, plastic, drywall, and even metal. However, this is dependent on the type of blade that you are using. There are many brands of reciprocating saws that you can find out there, but you need one that will suit your needs and offer you value for your money. Read on to find out, will you?

1. Power

This is one of the first things that you should check when buying a reciprocating saw. Ideally, most people usually like these saws because they are powerful. However, their power capacities typically vary. Depending on your intended use, you will need a reciprocating saw that will fall anywhere within 5 to 15 amps of power output. If you have a small project at home, you can consider getting 5-7 amp reciprocating saws. However, if you have heavy-duty projects, you can choose somewhere between 8+ amp.

2. The Stroke Length of The Reciprocating Saw

Longer strokes usually result in faster cutting, and shorter strokes offer less efficiency. Therefore, you need to have this in mind. Most reciprocating saws typically come with stroke length between ¾ inches to 1-1/8.  Consequently, choosing the stroke length should be guided by the work you will be tackling although many expensive models come with a large stroke length.  

3. Ergonomics

Everyone would like to buy a reciprocating saw that is comfortable to hold. In most cases, cheap reciprocating saws come with plastic handles. However, the expensive ones typically have a rubber or foam, which absorbs shock and reduces the stress placed on your hand and wrist. You can go for the foam or rubber model if you want a comfortable one-handed corded reciprocating saw. Ergonomic handle offers comfort, ease of use and safety.

4. Variable Speeds

Reciprocating saws are versatile and cut a variety of material which require variable cutting speeds. A wood blade has fewer teeth and runs at a faster rate compared to a metal blade that has many teeth but should run at slower speeds. You will comfortably lower or increase the saw speed if it has a variable speed mechanism.

5. Presence of An Adjustable Shoe

The shoe on a reciprocating saw refers typically to the metal guard around the saw blade. A flexible shoe allows you to make different kinds of cuts. As a result, you have greater control and stability when you are using the saw.

6. The Ability to Use Blade Replacement.

Continued usage of a tool culminates in parts wearing out. Consider a reciprocating saw that is easy to clean and maintain, especially when it comes to changing the blades. Ideally, look for a blade clamp it not only gives you faster flush cutting but makes changing your blades a walk in the park.


Reciprocating saws are an expensive addition for any woodworker. Therefore, you need to do your due diligence to get the best saw for your woodworking needs. You must do proper research, and online reviews are the best place to begin. I believe our article has offered you helpful insight into the kind of reciprocating saw that you need for your project. If it was great, share so others can learn the same. All read about other tools that you need as a homeowner especially now with the coronavirus scourge.




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