7 Best Scroll Saw for Woodworking 2021 Reviewed

A scroll saw for woodworking come in handy for woodworkers with undistracted interest in woodwork projects, specifically scrolling.

From making basic wood patterns to curving intricate designs, the best scroll saws make woodworking tasks faster and easier.

They also help in achieving finer and precise cuts, especially for wood patterns that require intricate patterns. The wide array of available scroll saws makes it challenging for both beginners and experts to find the best tool.

Here’s how To Use A Scroll Saw Safely – Learning how to use a scroll saw is very crucial for your safety. You will also save time and resources if you know how to use it properly. Please check out the YouTube video for information on how to use a scroll saw.

1. WEN 3921 Scroll Saw for Woodworking

The WEN 3921 is a perfect tool for woodworkers looking to take on the most convoluted cuts. Construction and Design. The scroll saw measures 26.4 x 13 x 14.8 inches and weighs 25.9 pounds. It features a metal construction that ascertains its durable use.

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Ease of Use – The saw comes with a unique design that accepts blades in two directions. Regardless, the assembly process is not complicated, and you will have it operational in minutes. The thumbscrew blade adapter eases tool-free blade changes.

Power and Performance – The scroll saw 120V power supply and allows for speed adjustments from 550 to 1600SPM. The 9/16” stroke cuts through woods with a thickness of up to 2-inches with ease.

Attachments for Scroll saws for woodworking – The unit comes with a flex light, foot lock clamp, dust port, three blades, onboard storage, and an air pump.

Safety System – The majority of power tools have a myriad of safety features for safe operation. The saw has several features, including the foot lock clamp that keeps the wood in place.

Cleaning and Maintenance – Cleaning the saw is easy, thanks to the included 1.5” dust port. The port prevents the accumulation of dust during sawing.

Value for Money-The WEN 3921 costs less than $200 with a limited two-year warranty.


  • Included LED light for visibility
  • Wide working table
  • Included foot lock clamp
  • Adjustable speed control


  • The blade may slip out of the holder

2. DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw

Dewalt is an established power tool manufacturer with high-quality products on the market.  If you want a Scroll saw for woodworking this will be a great addition thanks to its high-level accuracy.

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Construction and Design- The DEWALT DW788 measures 29.5 x 19.5 x 12.1 inches and weighs 56 pounds. The incredible design enables it to handle tough sawing tasks with ease.

Ease of Use- Assembling the saw is easy due to the included user manual. Both beginners and professional woodworkers can quickly put it together. The user-friendly configuration with easy-access controls provides for incredible precision.

Power and Performance- It features a 1.3amp motor that delivering cutting strokes ranging from 400 to 1750 SPM. The saw makes cuts between 0.75-inches to 2-inches deep with ease.

Attachments- The saw comes with a user manual, a hex wrench, and blades.

Safety System- Like other scroll saws by Dewalt,  it features conveniently located startup buttons and speed control icons for an easy stoppage.

Cleaning and Maintenance- Its dust blower helps in keeping the work environment pristine, minimizing cleaning.

Value for Money- The scroll saw costs less than $500 and its 3 year warranty is a deal sweetener considering its yearlong free service while making sure you can enjoy a the product for 30 days free.


  • Tool-free blade changes
  • Strong, sturdy build
  • Large cast-iron table
  • One-year free service contract


  • Quite heavy

3. Delta Power Tools 40-694 Scroll Saw

The power tools 40-694 saw is an excellent tool from one of the best power tools brands with significant innovations.

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Construction and Design- It measures 30 x 20 x 13 inches and weighs 60 pounds. The sturdy construction enables woodworkers to create masterpieces with more precision.

Ease of Use- Minimal assembly is required before the unit becomes operational. The variety of features makes the overall user experience seamless.

Power and Performance- The saw operates on a 1.3amp motor and delivers cutting speeds ranging from 400 to 1750SPM. The saw has cutting capacities of 2 1/8” at 90 degrees and 1 5/8” at 45 degrees.

Attachments- The unit comes with the scroll saw blades and a stand.

Safety System- The convenient location of the on/off switch and blade tensioning lever at the front arm assures of safe operation.

Cleaning and Maintenance- The flexible dust blower makes it easy for you to clean.

Value for Money- The saw costs less than $400 with a 5-year warranty.


  • Convenient controls
  • Reduced vibration and noise
  • Electronic speed adjustment for wide cutting applications
  • Tool-free blade changes


  • Inaccurate bevel

 4. Jet 727200K Scroll Saw for Woodworking

The Jet 727200K scroll saw is an excellent product from a lesser-known brand that delivers accurate and precise scroll sawing cuts.

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Construction and Design- The scroll saw measures 39.4 x 21.6 x 28.3 inches and weighs 113 pounds. The heavy-duty construction enables it to withstand heavy-duty woodworking tasks.

Ease of Use- Minimal assembly and blade adjustments are necessary to get the unit operational. Nonetheless, even with the heavy-duty design, the procedure is not challenging. Besides, the included user manual simplifies assembly.

Power and Performance-It runs on a 1.3amp motor and provides variable no-load speeds of 400 to 1500 SPM. The slotted table makes it easier and quicker to change blades as the massive cast iron table provides both stable and sufficient working surface.

Attachments-The unit comes with an onboard dust blower, footswitch, and material hold-down clamp.

Safety System- Among the safety features of the saw include the footswitch and material hold down, which ensure accurate cuts while preventing accidental damages and cuts.

Cleaning and Maintenance-The removable dust port coupled with onboard dust blower collects dust at the source, minimizing cleaning tasks.

Value for Money-The scroll saw costs between $900 and $1000 and comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Slotted table for easier blade changes
  • Removable dust port
  • Convenient speed and tension controls
  • Cast iron construction


  • Expensive

5. King Industrial Scroll Saw for woodworking

The King Industrial scroll saw is an excellent scroll saw with sufficient power for continuous use.

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Construction and Design- The scroll saw measures 32 x 16.8 x 19 inches and weighs 64 pounds. Despite the heavy design, its time-tested design ascertains a stable platform when making both angled and straight cuts.

Ease of Use- Professional woodworkers will find it easy putting the saw together. However, if the process appears challenging, leverage the included user manual for seamless assembly.

Power and Performance- It runs on 120V, 1.3amp motor that provides consistent power to complete tough sawing tasks. The large working table provides sufficient surface and stability for all woodworking tasks.

Attachments- The saw comes with an onboard dust blower and user manual.

Safety System- The saw features several safety features. Among them is the easy access speed and tension controls, which enables woodworkers to prevent or minimize damages and injuries.

Cleaning and Maintenance- An onboard dust blower makes it easy to clean the King Industrial 16 Inch Scroll Saw. It eliminates dust, preventing it from accumulating when operational.

Value for Money- The scrolling beast costs more than $737 and brings with it a 2-year warranty.


  • Large table surface
  • Powerful motor
  • Onboard dust blower
  • Accepts pinless blades


  • Quite expensive

6. Shop Fox W1713 Scroll saws for woodworking Scroll saw for woodworking

The Shop Fox W1713 is another exciting scroll saw that provides extra cutting capacity.

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Construction and Design-The scroll saw measures 12.8 x 26.4 x 15.9 inches and weighs 37.5 pounds. The cast iron construction makes it durable even with harsh abuse.

Ease of Use- Assembling the saw takes minutes, including the few required adjustments. The ruggedly built parts and quality control assure both safe and reliable operation.

Power and Performance of Scroll saw for woodworking- It runs on a 1.2amp motor with 1/8HP that provides no-load speeds ranging from 550 to 1650RPM. The speed enables the saw to make cuts with a maximum thickness of 2-inches and widths of 16 inches.

Attachments- The unit comes with a work light, efficient dust removal, and user manual.

Safety System- The included gooseneck work light and easy blade changes boost the safety levels of the saw. Woodworkers can easily note the position of the blade to avoid accidental cuts.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Scroll saw for woodworking- The saw features a dust port and dust blower that prevents the accumulation of dust when operational.

Value for Money- The saw costs between $150 and $200 with a 2-year warranty.


  • Solid build
  • Easy blade changes
  • Included work light
  • Variable speed motor


  • Protection plastic requires frequent cleaning


7. Rockwell Blade Runner Portable Tabletop Saw

The Rockwell Blade Runner is a multipurpose power saw that performs both rip, scroll, inside, and miter cuts.

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Construction and Design- It measures 16.1 x 17.5 x 8.3 inches with a weight of only 17 pounds. The compact nature makes it suitable for various sawing tasks.

Ease of Use- The saw sets up within seconds and saws wood, tile, metal, plastic, and aluminum with ease. The built-in carry handle makes it portable for use on the go.

Power and Performance- The saw runs on 120V power supply with 5.5amps motor that delivers no-load speeds of up to 3000RPM. The T-shank blade provides strong lengths of up to 0.75-inches.

Attachments- The saw comes with a miter gauge, rip fence, various material cutting t-shank blades and dust port.

Safety System- The included traditional guard and splitter system are just, but a few included safety features in this saw.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Scroll saw for woodworking- The saw features a built-in vacuum port that attaches to a vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning. The blade storage compartment also holds accessories within the tool to reduce maintenance.

Value for Money- The saw costs less than $150. It comes with a 3-year warranty backed by 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Lightweight and portable for on-the-go tasks
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Multipurpose use
  • Tool-free blade changes


  • Short miter block

Scroll saw for woodworking Buying Guide

With a wide array of essential features and variability between models on the market, it becomes hard to find the best scroll saw. Nonetheless, worry not as the guide below outlines a few crucial features to consider before making a purchase decision.

  • Type of Blade

Scroll saw blades are available in two main categories. They could either be plain-end or pinless or pin-end. Pinless blades clamp between two clamps on the scroll saw while pin-end blades have a tiny pin that rests on a hook. Pin-end scroll blades are typically faster and easy to change compared to pinless blades. However, they are wider and thicker, thus not suitable for making intricate cuts. Pinless blades are thin and thus make precise cuts.

  • Depth of Cut

Before setting out to purchase a scroll saw, you should think of the wood pieces that you want to make the cuts. Establishing the cutting depth is critical for woodworkers to settle on a saw that delivers such cutting depths. Standard saws deliver up to 2-inches cutting depth, though heavy-duty models have large capabilities. However, since the majority of scrolling work is about finishing, you will less likely need saws with larger cutting depths.

  • Speed

The speeds of scroll saws are in strokes per minute. The best scroll saws should have variable speeds that can adjust easily to different levels to provide better control for various cuts. Whereas fast speeds are suitable for hardwoods, slow speeds are good for softwood sawing. To achieve the cleanest cuts, use the saw at medium speed levels.

  • Tilt

Creating beveled edge cuts is a common procedure in woodworking. Purchasing a scroll saw with tilting tabletops makes this process very simple. However, not all scroll saws have tabletops that tilt for beveled cuts. For any, the standard tilt slop is 45 degrees while others provide up to 15 degrees. The best should tilt to 45 degrees on both sides. Purchasing such a saw enables woodworkers to make the most from their woodworking tasks by flipping the board with ease.

  • Additional Features on a Scroll saw for woodworking

Currently, scroll saws come with additional luxury features that make scroll sawing an easy task. For instance, scroll saws with LED lights make it easier to view your working surface. Better visibility allows users to make precise cuts and minimize accidents. When making a purchase, ensure that the LED lights are of quality build. Some models include flimsy lights that won’t be much beneficial.

Another integral feature is the dust blower or collector. The majority of power tools have an integrated dust port with a collector that ease cleaning tasks. Ensure that you go for a model with maneuverable blower hose to clear your workspace when operational. The flexibility of the blower enables woodworkers to view their projects and clean the machine afterward with ease.



Scrolling is a woodworking art that transforms how woodworkers finish their projects. However, you should understand that Scroll saws for woodworking aren’t the same . Regardless, you should ensure that you find the best scroll saw available by looking into various models, brands, prices, and features of individual models. You should as well prioritize a tool with additional accessories, which include the blower, foot mounted power switch, working light, and magnifier. These additions will make your scrolling tasks both easy and enjoyable. If you are a DIY you can find more tols that you need here.




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