7 Best Scroll Saw for Woodworking in 2021 and Buyers Guide

scroll saw for woodworking

A scroll saw for woodworking will allow you to achieve intricate cuts accurately. It offers better cuts compared to the jigsaw and is more efficient compared to the coping saw. Further, it occupies a small space and with its illumination, you will cut comfortably even in darkness.

My friend needed the best scroll saw for his workshop but lacked the time to do all the research required before purchasing the power tools. I searched from the internet and came up with a list of latest innovation scrolls saw that will suit your sawing needs. Read on to learn more about a different type of scroll saws.

1. Dewalt DW788 scroll saw for woodworking

The powerful scroll saw earns its place in workshops for many different reasons. Some of its outstanding features include;


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Construction and Design- The scroll saw measures 29.5×19.5×12.1 inch and weigh 56 pounds for a heavy-duty feel and small enough for easy storage and portability. It also comes with a unique arm that increases control, reducing the chances of damaging the workpiece. The saw can handle tough abuse, and it is durable.

Ease to Use- It is easy to assemble and disassemble the saw. Also, it easy to change the blades.The saw has a dust blower that keeps your workspace clean with no unwanted waste. The tool blade -tensioning lever ensures the blade tension is perfect for accurate cuts.

Power and Performance – The saw relies on 120volts and1.3 Amp motor which provides enough power to cut through any hardwood effortlessly.

Attachments- The saw comes with a blade and unique handle for control which lessens vibration when cutting your materials.

Safety System – Safety is crucial in every woodwork equipment. The DEWALT Saw switch on/off button on the handle to lessen injuries in the workshop.

Cleaning and Maintenance – Cleaning this scroll saw is very easy as it has a dust port and vacuum hook that ensures a clean working space. The maintenance routine is also clearly outlined in the setup manual.

Value for Money- The tool costs $350- $400 with a three-year warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Easy blade changes.
  • Minimal vibration.
  • Easy access to inside cuts


  • Pricey

2.Dremel MS20-01 scroll saw for woodworking

The multi-functional scroll saws offer you the versatility to cut through any material like wood, laminate and even metal effortlessly.

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Construction and Design- The saw measures 18.5×14.5×4.8 inches and weighs 5.29 pounds for secure storage and transportation. Its external materials are sturdy and durable, making the saw long-lasting.

Ease of Use- There is no much assembly required to start using this tool. Giving comfort and convenience when working with it, it’s easy to fasten the tool to tables and other surfaces for stationary use.

Power and Performance- Dremel moto-saw offers is super light making it portable and compact for storage. Its powerful motor can cut through any material with a lot of ease.

Attachments – The saw comes as a bare tool and uses corded-electric as a source of power.

Safety System- Safety is the most crucial factor in any workshop; thus, Dremel ms20-01 has an adjustable speed function to prevent injury and lessen the damage of the workpiece.

Cleaning and Maintenance- The saw has an adaptable dust port that allows you to utilize a dust collection system in your shop. Also, it is easy to change the edge since it is adjustable

Value for Money- The Saw costs range from $110-$116, which excellent value for money.


  • affordable
  • adjustable speed


  •  Less power

3. Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw for woodworking

The scroll saw offers a gooseneck work light. Read on to find some of the reasons why individuals prefer this tool.

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Construction and Design- The saw measures 12.8×26.6×15.9 inches and weighs 37.5 pounds for compacts storage. The shop fox has a light to illuminate your workspace so you can make the most precise cut possible.

Ease to Use- It is easy and quick to assemble and disassemble the tool. Setting it up for work is equally easy as all you need is plug it in to connect it to power.

Power and Maintenance- With a 110 volts motor with 1.2 Amp motor, this scroll saw is a beast. It delivers stroke length between 16 inches and offers a 2-inch cutting depth. You can make bevel cuts of 45 degrees on either right or left making it a versatile tool to own.

Attachments- The saw comes with a gooseneck work light, a dust remover, and dust port.

Cleaning and Maintenance- You will enjoy using this sawdust free due to the included dust extractor. The extractor eliminates any resulting dust when the saw is operational. Similarly, finding changing parts and replacing any worn-out parts is not complicated.

Value for Money- The saw ranges from $175- $182 with a limited warranty of one year from the date of purchase.


  • Pinned and unpinned blades
  • Light
  • Variable speed


  •  Struggle with dense woods

4. Delta Power 40-694 scroll saw for woodworking

The Delta power 40-694 is a well -known manufacturer with many reputable products on the market. The Delta power tool saw adds to the list of tremendous scroll saws that provide compact cutting in the woodwork.

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Construction and design- The scroll saw measures 30x20x13 inches and weighs 60 pounds. Its design reduces vibration when working with the saw making it comfortable to work with.

Ease to use- The saw is easy to use because it has a free blade clamp that allows quick blade change.

Power and performance- Delta Powerful motor with speed settings up to 1750RPM. Depth adjustment capacity of 3/4 inches at 90 degrees and an Ergonomic design with an easy-grip handle.

Attachments- The tool comes with two straight blades.

Safety and system – Safety is among the priority prerequisite for most equipment manufacturers. In that case, the saw has an on/off switch button that enables users to control the saw in case of any problem to prevent accidental injuries while in use.

Cleaning and maintenance- It is easy to clean the edges since it is adjustable. However, you should be careful of the sharp blades to avoid injuries. Consistent cleaning reduces the chances of a breakdown.

Value for money- The saw cost is around $370- $400 and comes with five years warranty showing the manufacturer’s faith in the scroll saw.


  •  Five years warranty.
  • Variable speed 400-1750 SPM.
  •  Table tilts 45 degrees, both left and right.


  • Expensive

5. Porter-Cable scroll saw for woodworking

PORTER-CABLE Scroll Saw is a perfect tool for wood cutting with the following features that makes it a terrific saw.

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Construction and design- The saw measures 34x24x45 inches and weighs 45.9 for secure storage and portability. Its durable external materials make the saw long-lasting.

Ease of use- The scroll saw is oversized with upfront controls and speed control making it easy to use for beginners.

Power and performance – The saw’s stock powerful 15-amp ball bearing induction motor delivers an adjustable speed of up to 1500spm to ensure smooth and accurate cuts. The saw model has an adjustable bevel and depth levers for a variety of angled cuts. Also, it offers an unmatched line of sight for accurate cuts thanks to its bevel capacity of up to 90 degrees allowing cutting in different angels.

Attachments- The scroll saw included components are dust blower, stand steel, and adjustable LED work light.

Safety system- The most crucial thing in any woodwork is safety; therefore, this sawing machine has an excellent illuminated led light that allows you to see the cutting line clear and a grip handle that increases control.

Cleaning and maintenance- You should be cautious of the sharp blades, whether working with it or storing it as they are sharp and can cause injuries. Handle the blades with care to avoid breakage as it is costly to replace them.

Value for money- The saw cost between $350- $377 with three years warranty and free service for a year. You also enjoy 90 days back money guarantee, which shows the manufacturer’s trust in the tool.


  • Powerful 1.6-amp motor
  • LED work light.
  • Includes stand


  • Inaccurate bevel.
  •  Max speed of 1500 SPM

6. General International scroll saw for woodworking

The General international scroll-saw is high-quality commercial woodworking machinery. It has standard features and adequate performance.

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Construction and Design- The saw measures 25x12x13 inches and weighs 24 pounds for easy movement and storage. Its structural design increases its functionality, making it one of the terrific scroll saws among the woodworkers.

Easy to Use- There is no much assembly needed to start using this tool. It’s easy to access the motor brush during maintenance. The saw is a sturdy and comfortable tool to use.

Power and Performance- The scroll saw has an acceptable 16 inches throat length. The 1.2amp motor and speed variability of 400-1600 SPM, give you full control over design and creativity. The maximum cutting thickness 2 inches at 90 degrees and a stroke length of 5/8 inches allows you to cut angles.

Attachments – The saw comes with the assembly parts and a manual guide.

Safety System – The saw does not require much to assemble, giving you comfort and convenience when working with it. The saw has a metric lock to reduce injury and damage. Its saw dust collection port for standard one ¼ hose keeps your working space clean so that you can focus on your cuts.

Cleaning and Maintenance- Cleaning the saw is pretty straightforward. All you need is a piece of wet clothing to clear the sawdust. In case of breakage, spare parts are easy availability online.

Value for Money- The saw cost less than $ 150-$162 with two years warranty. The price presents great value for money to buyers


  • Affordable
  • Can use pinned and pinless blades


  • Need hex key to change blades.
  • Noticeable vibration

7. Hegner’s Variable Speed scroll saw for woodworking

Hegner’s scroll saw is a study piece of equipment made of cast iron. Read on to find some of the reasons why individuals prefer this product.

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Construction and Design- The saw weighs 50 pounds for easy storage and portability. It is made from iron giving its longevity.

Ease to Use- It is effortless to assemble with quick and easy blade installation with long-lasting blades.

Power and Performance- It has a patented blade clamp design that is noiseless and offers unmatched accuracy and precision. Also, it has a space-saving configuration with ergonomic user features.

Safety System- An essential part of any woodworking station is safety. The variable scroll saw has an emergency upper arm stoppage for extra protection.

Cleaning and Maintenance- Cleaning is effortless since all you require is to vacuum the dust. For proper maintenance, you should clean carefully to avoid the breakage of blades because they are costly, and it quite difficult to get the spares.

Value for Money- The saw cost around $1400-$1545 with seven years warranty, showing the faith the manufacturers have on the machine.


  •  Long-lasting blades
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • maximum control
  • accuracy


  • Expensive

Buyers guide for scroll saw for woodworking

With so many features and variability between different models of scroll saws. It can be quite tricky to figure out which ones you require more. In this part, we are going to discuss some of the essential things you need to consider while purchasing and comparing scroll saws. These features will enable you to make your work faster and easier in your workshop.

Blade Type

With this saw, you have the pin and plain-end blades. Pinless blades are also known as plain -end blade get clamped between two small clamps while pin -end has a small pin on the top and bottom that rests a holder that is similar to a hook. Although the pin-end is easy and quick to change compared to plain-end blades, they are broader and thicker, making them unsuitable for intricate cutting. The Plain -end can make exact and smooth cuts of different shapes. Therefore, it is recommendable to use the pinless blades are the best.

Throat Length

Distance between the blade and the back of the saw is called the throat length. All the models we have reviewed in this list have a minimum throat length of 16 inches. Although sixteen inches is adequate throat length, you should consider using the 20 inches because they are better and strong.


Speed is another crucial feature to consider while purchasing a scroll saw. It’s measured in strokes per minute (SPM). A right scroll saw will have variable and adjustable speed at different levels for better control to reduce wastage of the workpiece and to reduce the injuries to the user. Hardwoods require a slow pace, while softer wood needs high speeds. For any woodworker to have clean and cuts, it is essential to consider a saw with considerable variability from the slowest speed to its fastest.


Look for a scroll saw a model that features a tilting tabletop that goes to 45 degrees on both sides, to deliver quality and accurate cuts. This is crucial especially if you will be making a lot of angle cuts with the saw.


Manufacturer warranties are enough to protect a tool during the covered period in case it breaks down. The longer the warranty years, the more trust the manufacturers have on their products. therefore, it is crucial for you to consider a tool with a warranty of a year and above to ensure that your money invested wisely.


Purchasing an expensive saw does not mean that you don’t have to replace it after many years. If you are planning on using your saw consistently, it is worth to go for a  durable one to avoid purchasing them regularly.


A scroll saw is an essential tool for every woodworker; therefore, you should be able to make a sound decision when purchasing one. Apart from price, warranty, and type of blade, you should also consider other features like accuracy, power, and versatility. Besides, it is necessary to find the availability of spare parts in case of breakage or to wear some essential saw parts.













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