Secrets hacks of a Miter Saw Every WoodWorker Should Know About

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There are hacks of a miter saw that all woodworkers should know. If you want to continue getting accurate sloping cuts, you need to learn more about the different elements that make each miter saw special. The other day my father was explaining to me why he loves his Dewalt so much and made me research online. Read on to learn what I gathered and share it if it’s helpful. 

1. What is the difference between a single and double bevel Miter saw?

Read on to learn the differences between a single and double bevel miter saw.

Cutting Angles.

With the single bevel miter saw, the cuts can be made in one direction only while the double bevel miter saw makes cuts in both directions. You will realize that the cuts made using a single bevel miter saw can either be on the right or left while the one made with the double bevel miter saw can be done on both right and left.


For the single bevel miter saw, it only rotates on the left. This is usually the case when the user is facing the machine. It is worth noting that it cannot go beyond 90 degrees vertical. On the other hand, the double bevel miter saw usually pivots in both directions when the user is facing the machine. As such, you will not be limited when using this saw. Besides, the stocks usually remain in the same position when one is making opposite bevels.


If you are using the single bevel miter saw, you have to physically flip the stock over to allow bevel cuts on the sides. As you do this, you have to be very accurate when cutting the angels you want to have a uniform cut. If you are using the double bevel miter saw, you will not need to flip when making bevel cuts. This is because this saw can make matching cuts on both sides quickly, courtesy of its ability to cut in both directions.


For a simple task, you can complete them using the single bevel saw. However, if you have more projects, you might take more time using this saw. However, for the double bevel one, you can trust that you will save more time and use little effort. As such, it is more convenient to use the double bevel miter saw.

2. Different miter saw hacks between Sliding Vs. Non-Sliding Miter Saw

Applications for Cutting

For the sliding Miter saw, it provides plenty of versatility as it can slide back and forth such that you can cut longer lengths of wood without having to flip the material over. Besides, when using a sliding miter saw, you can cut a variety of angle cuts by just dialing in the degree of reduction. This allows you to create those specialty corners that are needed with trim work or crown molding. On the other hand, a non-sliding saw can be used in any job where you require an angled ort bevel cut. Some of the projects that are ideal for a non-sliding miter are picture frames.


The sliding miter saw can help you save time and even increase your efficiency when cutting huge pieces of wood as you will not have to stop the cutting and change the position of the blade every once in a while. As such, this saw can increase your scope of cuts. On the other hand, a non-sliding miter saw is more sturdy and accurate for most jobs. This saw does not have a slider, and this makes it easier to use and also cheaper.


If you are using a skidding miter, you will note that it is heavy to use and difficult to carry to the job site. Besides, you need to familiarize yourself with its working as it involves new machinery. This makes a sliding saw challenging to operate. However, the non-sliding miter will is not very efficient when you are working with huge pieces of wood. As such, this increases your chances of error.

What does double bevel mean on a miter saw?

Ideally, a miter saw is a specialized tool that enables you to make cuts at a verity of angles. A double or dual bevel allows you to perform various miter saw hacks as it bevels in both directions. As such, this saw can pivot in both directions. If you intend to make opposing bevel cuts in the same piece of wood, the wood will remain on the machine as you swing the blade over. This feature on a miter saw helps you to save time and even material that you might mess up as you will not have to flip your boards back and forth. As such, there is no room for human error, as you will not have to rearrange the board and the blade again.

What is the difference between the single bevel and double bevel broadhead?

A single bevel broadhead is usually sharpened on only one side of each edge. The other opposite corner remains flat. Single bevels not only penetrate a heavy bone more quickly but also twist as they pry though the bone part. As they do this, they usually pop them apart, thereby decreasing the draft on the arrow shaft as it passes through. This bevel broadhead rotates in an ‘S’ fashion upon striking flesh or bone. As such, these bevels will twist through everything they come in contact with. However, for the double bevel broadhead, it is usually sharpened on both sides. They are generally solidly built and provide more durability as well as a lot of stopping power. The aerodynamics of the double bevel broadhead allows it to slice through an item with utmost precision. It is usually very sharp and is also easy to resharpen.

The following are the differences between the single bevel and double bevel knives. They include:

1. Speed

You might be working on projects that have a time limit. In this case, you need to get things done as soon as possible. Dual bevel is a better option in this case. The single bevel will take more time to make the matching compounds cuts. If you have long pieces of wood, you might take several hours when using a single bevel. For the double bevel, you will not need to flip over your workpiece physically, and this helps you save more time even when you have a big project.

2. Accuracy And Precision

You will note that the double bevel helps you achieve accuracy and precision. Every time that you flip your workpiece when using the single bevel, you have to check its position well. The chances are that you might make several errors. To mitigate this problem, you should get a double bevel as you will not make many physical adjustments and manual placement. With dual bevel, you will achieve both accuracy and precision.

3. Budget

If you are a professional, you should consider going for dual bevel. However, you might incur huge costs compared to buying a single bevel. If you are starting out, you can consider getting a single bevel and later get a dual bevel knife.


Why Do You Need A Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

Miter saw hacks make a miter saw indispensable to all woodworkers thorough the following:

1. No Human Error

A dual bevel miter saw allows you to make repeated cuts, and there is no need to flip your workpiece physically. As such, you will not make mistakes when making angled cuts. It is known for being precise and very accurate.

2. It Can Make the Most Extensive Range of Cuts.

You can use a dual bevel miter saw to make the largest of cuts. Professionals use it to cut in both directions. In most cases, they are used to create custom, crown molding, and handcrafted trims.

3. Saves Time

Since you will not need to flip your workpiece, you will get the work done faster and thereby save time. Besides, you can do more tasks as you will spend the least time possible dealing with different workpieces out there.

4. More Profitable

If you are well versed in operating this tool, you can trust that you can convert the expenses to profits. This has worked well for many craftsmen out there.

If you are thinking of becoming a trim carpenter and planning to install elaborate architectural millwork, you should consider getting a dual bevel miter saw. It is more convenient and efficient to operate it.


Consider the various miter saw hacks you can practice with this saw to get desired results. For starts, cutting angles will be a thing of the past thanks to this awesome device. You will also make bevel cuts as you easily work on your picture frame projects.


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